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Welcome to Creating Vintage Charm - The magazine that inspires and shares your excitement in art, design and home styling.

Featuring your beautiful homes, handmade and re-purposed creations and ideas, lots of colorful images, featured artists, studios, shops, tutorials, blogs, galleries, how to's and tips and more... Creating Vintage Charm is a printed publication and it is available for purchase online (only) at MagCloud Publishing. Orders ship worldwide.


About the Editor-In-Chief/ Publisher

My name is Sonia. Born and raised on the tiny little island of Malta in the center of the Mediterranean. Fate brought me to the United States 12 years ago to start a family. I am now a mom to two handsome boys and a beautiful little princess. She also happens to be the youngest of the three. Enough said!! Yes, she is spoiled, *smile. All my life I studied and loved art and creativity. I sew, I build stuff, I putter and dabber with what takes my fancy. I have also recently acquired a love for photography.

Creating Vintage Charm was founded in 2010 by me Sonia Crouse. My dream is

-to inspire readers to create and surround themselves by beauty brought forth from the past.

-to encourage and help small businesses and designers to achieve their goals and follow their dreams.

-to give artists a fresh perspective on their creations as they are shared and enjoyed in print.

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